the yoga of awareness

WEDNESDAYS 7.15 pm @ SAtori hair

293 Geelong road, kingsville

Using the Science of Breath, Movement and Sound to strengthen and balance the glandular & nervous systems, energise the chakras & develop a Meditative, Intuitive Mind. This technology has the power to remove stagnant energy and unpeel layers to reveal the Authentic, Perfect and Powerful Self!

Kundalini energy lays dormant at the base of the spine, the practice of Kundalini Yoga arouses the sleeping Kundalini Shakti, this is your creative potential - when the energy of the glandular system combines with the energy of the nervous system to create such a sensitivity that the totality of the brain receives signals and integrates them. Through breath work (pranayama) and the application of yogic locks of energy (bandhas), the release, direction, and control of the flow of Kundalini energy is achieved.

Class runs for approximately 75 minutes and begins with a warm up, kriya (set of postures for a specific outcome), deep relaxation and ending with a meditation. Eyes are closed throughout the class to go within and feel into and reconnect your body, mind and spirit.

We are living in the Age of Aquarius. The time has come not to search for God, but to be God. Time not to worship God, but to trust and dwell in the working God. People will be open, straight, simple and their beauty will be internal, not external. Yogi Bhajan master of Kundalini Yoga