remove blocks to get back to your true, AUTHENTIC, powerful self!

No matter how wonderful we believe our childhood was we still picked up negative belief patterns that are stored in our subconscious mind, these programs that we are mainly unaware of Create our Current Reality. We can repeat positive affirmations all day long but if we don’t dig a little deeper to find the underlying issue that is dampening our Self Worth we cannot manifest the things we truly desire.

Removing these emotional blocks and expanding our Self Worth creates magnetism and when you are magnetic the life you want unfolds in front of you.


Through deep meditation we allow our subconscious mind to come forward and show us our past experiences that made us feel ‘less than’ or unworthy. We came into this world as Authentic, Loving Souls so when we experienced unloving or negative experiences our ego created blocks and barriers to protect us and prevent us from feeling that pain again…but it is these very walls that are blocking our wishes and desires from manifesting. Going back and bringing light and love to our painful experiences and reprogramming our subconscious mind increases our self worth and when we are whole and integrated we create the reality we desire.

Flower Essence Therapy

The Australian Aboriginals have lived for millions of years using only nature to survive. When they required medicine for physical or emotional concerns they turned to the power of flowers. Today we are blessed  to have these flowers pressed and contained in beautiful labelled dropper bottles. This therapy does not involve talking, if something is bothering you and you’re not sure what it is or don’t want to speak about it then this can help.

Energy Medicine

 Loving, pure Universal energy comes through me for you, it removes stagnant blockages and activates the natural healing processes of the body. The energy flows where it is needed and has the power to

restore physical and emotional well-being.
This therapy involves laying on a massage table, opening up and relaxing.


Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition is a science-based health care that is built on a vitalistic philosophy. The body has an innate intelligence and is always seeking to return to balance and health, when we give the body what it needs our physical and mental wellness is restored. Functional nutrition seeks to find the root cause of an issue and uses the natural, wholesome foods from nature to restore health.


Essential Oils

These powerful plant extracts have been used medicinally for thousands of years, they can be used for both physical and emotional imbalances through topical application, ingesting or diffusing. Most of us have been exposed to the calming properties of Lavender oil and the antiseptic use of Tea Tree oil but there are so many more uses for these amazing ‘gifts from nature’ - DoTerra is the brand I align myself with and am proud to be a Wellness Advocate for such a conscious company.


I prefer to incorporate all of the therapies mentioned as well as little techniques to help you start loving and realising how freaking amazing you are! Once you get into the groove and realise what a powerful creator you truly are, you will transmit a radiance that will encourage everyone around you to find their true nature.

Can you imagine our world where everyone is living from this heart space?!