Waves are commonly used as a metaphor to explain how although we are separate in form we are one in the same. When the ocean is rough and wild the waves take on a very definitive, separate shape and you can clearly see each wave from the other, when the sea is calm the waves are quite small and flow in a soft rhythm as they glide into the shore and gently fall back to merge with the sea of water - their separate shape dissolves.

The large waves come into the shore being pushed with great force making a huge crash to then again dissolve into the whole, their shape disappears and forms one sea of water.

This is US!

We think we are separate because we take on separate form but we are part of the whole just like the ocean, each one of us is similar to a wave, we take on our own identity that we fiercely believe in but in the reality of the Cosmos we are all connected, we are all One big ocean of Light! Eventually this lesson of connection is for us to learn, are we going to remember our true selves through a gentle, gliding rhythm or through a heavy smash and crash? – the choice is always ours.

AM x

Meirav Dulberg