Fear! - Take it On!

Fear! Just seeing or hearing this 4-letter word I instantly feel angst, hesitation and my body contract, throughout the years it has been my number 1 enemy! I have spent much of my life running from its dark sticky claws, it has been the cause of so many hours of grief, self-loathing and depression - so much so that I cannot believe I am actually about to write this...I see Fear as my greatest teacher! Not just mine but all of ours.

All those years I would run and hide from every situation that evoked this feeling having no idea it was there to propel me into something better, I never received the rewards that were on offer because I was too busy running for the hills trying to get back to my comfort zone.

The whole purpose of Fears existence is to teach me to wake the f up, take on the challenge and come through the other side bigger and brighter. I wish I knew this back in the day when I would have to scull 5 wines to move from the bar to the dance floor or getting ready to go on a date then literally sweating and having a panic attack, so texting can’t make it I am sick was no excuse it was the truth!

Just recently I have come to see this dark force as an emotion that wants to teach me something more about myself, an opportunity to go deeper. There is no need to run and hide but walk straight into the fear with confidence and open arms no matter how scary it feels, I am doing it right now expressing my vulnerability with this post and this business!

 What is the point of having a physical body on earth if we don’t grow and experience as much as possible, the thing we resist the most is the exact thing we need to expand. There is a story of a man who saw a caterpillar struggling to get out of a cocoon, he felt bad seeing him struggle so helped out by cutting the cocoon with a pair of scissors, the caterpillar turned into a butterfly got out and died instantly without ever flying.  The man unknowingly interfered with the process - the struggle, resistance and pressure the caterpillar had to endure was absolutely necessary for him to evolve and emerge into an amazing butterfly!

So, remember that butterfly next time you are faced with something you resist, walk straight in and take it on…feel the fear and the uneasiness and know it is part of the process, part of your transformation into something better.

AM xx

Anne-Marie HowellComment

Hello friend thanks for taking the time visit this page I hope it makes you feel like a powerful creator – because that’s exactly what you are! Its hard to remember this when we fall into the limiting trap of comparing ourselves to others whether its jobs, houses or if their kid walked at 9 months and ours is still crawling at 18 months (true story).

What a waste of time!

There is only one of you in the whole universe, you are unique and that must be celebrated and explored…that’s the whole point of having the privilege of walking on earth! In the beginning it takes time and effort to put yourself first, to love yourself enough to wake up that extra 10 minutes to write down a few things you are grateful for, to rub some oils into your hands and breathe them in or whatever it is you need to do to feel connected.

We live in a world that is full of distractions, I remember coming home turning the T.V on, volume down, sitting in front of my computer with a C.D playing in the background I had all areas covered just in case there was a chance I had to feel what was going on internally. We don’t even take the time to understand why our tummy is upset or why we get anxious at the most insignificant thing, we either ignore it or take a pill.

Blocking is mocking!

It is ridiculously uncomfortable to explore those ugly human feelings like jealously, unworthiness, fear - but eventually when you to start work out what the hell is going inside, you will experience mini breakthroughs and move closer to your true authentic self – which is the goal because when you can sit comfortably with yourself the whole world falls into place.

If you could love yourself just that little bit to set you alarm and wake up 10 min earlier say thanks for whatever you like your warm bed, a job, living in Australia, the partner next to you or the beautiful rising sun.

Taking this small step changes your energy as well as your biochemistry – what better way to start the day!

Meirav Dulberg

The Universe is ALWAYS loving and guiding us at every moment but we don’t pay attention or acknowledge this precious life force surrounding and within us, external distractions take our attention and we lose our connection to ourselves and the Cosmos.

We are walking around with blinkers on trying to control every aspect of our lives and when things don’t go the way we planned we become caught up in anxiety and fear and start to believe we are victims and have no choice but to deal with the cards we have been handed – the truth is you are Perfect and Powerful.

These are not just words to make you feel good this is the TRUTH, we have forgotten where we come from and who we are at the very core, think of the Sun, Moon, Ocean and all the magic and wonder they encompass – we are part of them, we have the same attributes, the universe is One and the same powerful love runs through it all. Open up to it – 5 minutes is all it takes, breathe in for five seconds, hold your breath five and release for five, allow that streaming flow of love enter through your head and surround you, concentrate on your breath and just feel.

Love Yourself Enough to do this……AM x

Meirav Dulberg

Waves are commonly used as a metaphor to explain how although we are separate in form we are one in the same. When the ocean is rough and wild the waves take on a very definitive, separate shape and you can clearly see each wave from the other, when the sea is calm the waves are quite small and flow in a soft rhythm as they glide into the shore and gently fall back to merge with the sea of water - their separate shape dissolves.

The large waves come into the shore being pushed with great force making a huge crash to then again dissolve into the whole, their shape disappears and forms one sea of water.

This is US!

We think we are separate because we take on separate form but we are part of the whole just like the ocean, each one of us is similar to a wave, we take on our own identity that we fiercely believe in but in the reality of the Cosmos we are all connected, we are all One big ocean of Light! Eventually this lesson of connection is for us to learn, are we going to remember our true selves through a gentle, gliding rhythm or through a heavy smash and crash? – the choice is always ours.

AM x

Meirav Dulberg